Police Investigate Alleged Assault On Conor McGregor’s Yacht

After rising to fame in the octagon, Conor McGregor has enjoyed success inside and outside the ring. With time, the Irish fighter learned how to enjoy the finer things in his life as he organized a yacht.

However, all is not well on the yacht as there was an alleged assault on a Dublin woman. Police are investigating the matter.

According to the Irish Sun, a female in her 20s had issued a statement to police officers at Sundrive Garda station in Crumlin early last month.

She stated that she was suffering from multiple injuries due to an assault on McGregor’s triple-deck yacht while in Spain’s Balearic Islands on July 17.

Spanish media reported that the assaulted lady was checked into the hospital following the assault. According to the medical reports, she had suffered from head trauma.

In the statement, the Spanish investigator provided an update on the ongoing situation, saying that the official complaint has been registered.

“A woman from Ireland has now officially made a complaint in relation to an alleged assault when she was on Mr. McGregor’s yacht. Documents have now been sent from Ireland to Spain.

“When the woman was in Spain, she didn’t sign anything because she was determined to get home. The authorities in Ireland will be assisting their colleagues in Spain in this investigation.”

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