Porter Wins Title Eliminator Brawl

It felt less of a boxing match and more like a brawl.

But Shawn Porter is going on to face Keith Thurman once again in a welterweight title fight, as Porter defeated Andre Berto on Saturday night’s edition of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on Showtime.

Porter and Berto spent much of the first round just feeling each other out, with both fighters just getting a little bit of a fair share of punches in. In the second round, however, Porter landed a hard body shot on Berto and went straight to town, eventually getting Berto up against the ropes and pounding away. A headbutt occurs accidentally, however, and Berto is cut badly over his left eye. Right before the end of the second, Porter landed a shot that sent Berto down to the canvas.

The first half of the third round seemed to feature quite a lot of clinching. But then, Porter went into aggressive, all-out attack mode once again, with Berto doing less than he possibly could due to the cut. In fact, his face was pretty bloodied up by the end of this round. This fight began to feel more like a brawl.

More continued clinching came in the fourth, with the referee warning both fighters to keep the action clean. Too little, too late it seemed, however. Berto is once again bloodied from another accidental headbutt. The two fighters threw massive wild shots to end the round.

Porter came out aggressively once more in the fifth, and beat Berto to a bloody pulp once again. Berto is beaten against the ropes multiple times, and a doctor has to eventually clear him before he can continue fighting, though Porter has quite a bit of blood on his own face.

After doctors checked out both fighters before the start of the sixth round, Berto got some shots in, landing a number of counterpunches. It wouldn’t be enough to stop Porter, however, as his all-on assault continued. Both fighters seem tired by the start of the seventh, and while he ate a number of shots once again, Berto got in another set of punches.

That was all Berto really had left in his offense, as he spent most of the eighth round eating punches on the ropes again. In the ninth, Berto took a hard shot that sent him stumbling into the ropes, forcing the ref to initiate a standing eight count. One more hook from Porter sends Berto into the corner buckle, and the referee is forced to stop the bout almost exactly midway through the ninth.

Porter now gets a re-match with Keith Thurman. Thurman defeated Porter to retain the welterweight title in June 2016.

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