Power Slap League Was A ‘Mistake,’ Says Stephen J. Cloobeck

Stephen J. Cloobeck, the former chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, admits that he regrets his decision to be involved in approving the Power Slap league.

From the time UFC president Dana White made the announcement about Power Slap, many queries have emerged regarding the sport’s popularity and the safety of the athletes.

Power Slap was approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission with the support of Stephen J. Cloobeck, who held a significant position within the organization.

Although it appeared to be a wise decision initially, it seems like Cloobeck may be reconsidering his stance now: “I made a mistake. I’m not happy about it,” he said

The conversation may start to change if fans collectively agree that it is not acceptable. And by the looks of it, this has already started on social media. 

Social Media Reaction

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