Premier FC Under Fire After Fighter Alleges Of Terrorism Ties

Former UFC star Marcus Davis has just made a revelation on Facebook when he was asked about being paid for his recent bout.

Davis, 48, claimed that he has yet to be paid for his return to the octagon at Premier FC 32 in November. He had the fans at the edge of their seats as he delivered a first-round submission to Stephen Stengel.

“Zero, been two months, haven’t paid me 1 cent,” Davis told a social media user in the comments.

“They ghosted me for the past 25 days. I reached out to them today to let them know I was going public. Only to have the CEO threaten me with an attorney if I spoke out. The claim is they took on an investor that after his check cleared the bank, the fed froze the account because the investor had ties to terrorism.”

It is extremely rare for the MMA stars to not get paid months after their fight regardless of how small the promotion is.

During his UFC stunt from 2006 to 2010, Davis shared the cage with the likes of Nate Diaz. He also went on to beat Chris Lytle and Paul Kelly.

Despite a seven-year layoff, the 48-year-old looked subliminal in his Premier FC fight in November.

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