Price Looking For European Title After Povetkin Loss

After a devastating knockout loss to Alexander Povetkin, David Price is looking to bounce back and become European champion.

The former British champion was knocked out by former Olympic champion Povetkin during the Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker card on March 31st. Price isn’t deterred after the loss, and looks to return to championship glory.

Price said in a story posted by The Boxing News, “I’m excited to get back in there. I can’t wait. Normally I have some time away from boxing after a fight but I want to get straight back into it this time. I’ve fallen back in love with it.

“Although I lost and got knocked out, I proved I can compete with elite fighters. Before the fight, I said I would carry on regardless and after it, I take the positives and will now go for the European title.”

Even though he would be sent to the mat, Price made Principality Stadium come alive when he landed a left hook that sent Povetkin staggering back to the ropes.

Reflecting on the punch, Price added, “That hook landed so cleanly. If the referee hadn’t have given him a count I could have followed up my attack before the end of the round. They were small margins.

“The knockout won’t have been nice for people to watch in the heat of the moment but I didn’t mind watching it straight afterwards when I went backstage. For a long time, I couldn’t watch Erkan Teper knocking me out but you grow as a person.


“If a fighter quits just because they get knocked out, are they really a fighter? Getting knocked out is part of boxing and you have to accept that.”

Original Story:  Boxing News Online

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