Price “Restrained Himself” After Being Bit

David Price almost made a terrible incident even more violent, as he the British heavyweight nearly went off on his opponent Kash Ali.

Ali bit Price on the midsection in the fifth round of their undercard fight on Saturday, forcing the referee to call for a disqualification.

“When he was on the floor on top of me he went a bit limp and I thought ‘he doesn’t want to get up here’, I thought he’d at least try to get up,” Price told TalkSport. “The next thing I felt was his teeth sink in and I didn’t know what to do, really, it all happened quickly. It was just a bit of a mad experience.

“When I stood up and first went over to him, part of me wanted to just lay him out there and then.

“I thought better of it because it would have got myself in a load of trouble and it would have caused a lot of trouble on the night.

“I don’t know whether it’s out of character for him or not because I’ve sparred with him quite a bit and I’ve always found him to be pretty respectful.

“I just don’t know whether the build-up and the press conferences got him riled up and when he’s realized that beating me isn’t as easy as everyone seems to think,” the boxer continued. “He’s thought ‘I’ll take the exit route and give him a little bite’.”

Ali had his purse (estimated to be £20,000) withheld, minus expenses and has been indefinitely suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Price added: “In all honesty I don’t think Kash Ali’s career is going to really go that far anyway as far as getting places is concerned.

“He’s just ruined it for himself. He was on the big stage, he would have got knocked out eventually but at least he would have gone out with his head held high because that’s boxing and that’s what happens in boxing.

“But he took the coward’s way out.”


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