Prograis Accuses Haney Of Trying To Get Out Of A Fight

Regis Prograis has accused Devin Haney of trying to avoid having a fight with him. 

According to reports, a proposed fight date is being considered for October 28th, 2023, following Haney’s decision to move up to 140.

The ‘Dream’ had been informed by the WBC that he would be a ‘champion in recess’ at 135, giving him a chance to move back down to lightweight and face the current holder of the belt if he wanted. 

But when it comes to Prograis, Haney has the chance to become a two-division champion as he targets the former’s WBC belt at junior-welterweight.

And given that Prograis has signed the contract, he has not been too pleased with the Dream’s alleged attempts to move the fight date. 

“So you know me and Haney supposed to fight, right? We agreed on date, we agreed on everything, and now they’re trying to move the date and stuff like that…We already agreed to the date, that’s what it is! We agreed to the date already.

“Why can’t you go on the same date we agreed? I already signed the contract.I signed the contract for the date already. The date is already in the contract. Y’all can’t move it,” Prograis 

Despite this being the case, Haney has downplayed those comments by clarifying the reasons for the hold-up.

And rather than it being an issue of a fight date, it appears that the venue for the bout still needs sorting. His following comments confirmed as much.

“(Go) train and let me and your boss Eddie (Hearn) finish ironing out these details on the contract, including the venue.

“If you were in tune, then you would know that the hold for the venue in Vegas wasn’t locked in, so we’re figuring it out. Stop trying to get out of this s**t,” Haney

And yet, it is important to bear in mind that the proposed fight date would be on the same day as Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou.

That may impact the number of people who tune in, which is why the date is all the more important moving forward.

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