Pulev Must Meet with CSAC Over Kiss Incident

Kubrat Pulev fought through Bogdan Dinu’s attack en route to a seventh-round knockout last weekend, but Pulev won’t be seen in the ring again until he meets with the California State Athletic Commission thanks to his post-fight actions.

Per Boxing Scene, the CSAC has announced that Pulev must meet with the CSAC following an incident during a post-fight interview in which he grabbed the face of reporter Jennifer “Jenny SuShe” Ravalo and allegedly forcibly kissed her on the lips.

“The California State Athletic Commission is committed to sanctioning events where people of all gender identities are respected as competitors, reporters, and fans,” Veronica Harms, CSAC Deputy Director of Communications told Boxing Scene. “We take this incident seriously. Before he will be licensed to fight in California again, boxer Kubrat Pulev must appear in front of the commission and demonstrate that he will conform to this principle of respect.”

Pulev must appear before the commission on May 14, where the status of his license will be determined. Ravalo plans to attend the hearing.

Ravalo’s employer, VegasSportsDaily.com, condemned the actions of Pulev in a statement back on Mar. 25. Pulev issued a response via his social media, claiming that Ravalo was a friend of his and they laughed about the incident later that night at a post-fight party.

During a Mar. 28 press conference arranged by attorney Gloria Allred, Ravalo claimed to have not known Pulev personally before the official weigh-ins and said she did not consent to the kiss, as well as Pulev grabbing her buttocks. Ravalo said she did attend the post-fight party but to interview fighters, and Pulev arrived late into the party and requested the kiss be removed from her video interview of him.

It is unknown what charges she intends to file against the Bulgarian boxer, but one item included a suspension from the CSAC and a hearing with them. She did not need to put this on her list anyway, however, as Boxing Scene reports this was already in plans by the CSAC prior to her press conference.

New video footage was released earlier today by Pulev and his team, however, that allegedly shows Ravalo seemingly enjoying time with Pulev and his team.

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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