Rachael Ostovich Is Getting Paid Better In BKFC Than She Ever Did In MMA

Back in July, Rachael Ostovich grabbed the headlines after she defeated Paige VanZant in her Bare Knuckle FC debut.

Now, the former UFC flyweight has claimed that she got paid more in BKFC than she ever did in her entire MMA career.

Ostovich made a switch to bare-knuckle in the middle of this year.

It was a runback of a UFC fight between her and VanZant in 2019 where the latter won by armbar.

Recently, Ostovich joined MMA Junkie’s weekly radio podcast, revealing how bare-knuckle is different from MMA as well as the pay difference in the two sports.

“I would return to MMA, just right now BKFC is really hot right now and they pay me really good so that’s where I’ll be,” Ostovich said.

“MMA is a lot and I felt like I was almost going broke fighting in MMA, so BKFC is where I’m at for right now and hopefully we can get on the same page.”

She added that she’s waiting on negotiations between her manager and promotions, including BKFC.

“I’m still down for MMA and there have been offers from MMA, but at this point, I’m kinda just waiting to see what makes the most money here so that’s where I’m at,” she said.

“They both have their pros and cons, so it really is just money talks for me right now.”

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