Rafael Fiziev Wants To End Bad Habits With Conor McGregor After Training Invitation

Rafael Fiziev and Conor McGregor enjoyed a friendly interaction on Twitter recently, but then things started to escalate quickly.

While talking about Fiziev’s dodging abilities, the Irish athlete was complimentary and critical at the same time.

“This is awesome. Change the roundhouse to an axe kick. Roundhouse into an axe kick and this defense eats the full heel. I’m telling you. If their reaction to a high kick is this, implement the axe,” McGregor said.

On the other hand, Fiziev didn’t find the suggestion realistic and told the “Notorious” to come and show it to him one-on-one. However, McGregor compared himself to golf legend Tiger Woods.

“No bother pal, sound. Think of me as tiger woods with a 12 iron and your nose as the golf ball. And think of me sprinting for it with a running switch kick and take down your little bend back. You bend back nobody. Oh you bend over, wow, that’s awesome. Congrats pal haha.”

“He started with saying ‘respect,’ but you know, I’m sure I’m respected by everybody, and I also respect Conor’s big work for this business,” Fiziev said.

“Nobody makes this like he does. But before he sleeps at night, he drinks first. Maybe he smokes and after maybe he likes it.

“Enough to where maybe he has one last drink of Proper Twelve [Irish Whiskey]. Little bit again. Oh, he takes his phone, he starts talking nonsense, you know.”

Despite this talk, Fiziev is enjoying a fifth-round knockout victory over veteran Rafael dos Anjos from this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night.

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