Ramirez Scores Decision Over Angulo

WBO Super Middleweight Champion Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez retained his title with a one-sided unanimous decision victory over Roamer Angulo.

Despite the one-sidedness of the judges’ scorecards, the fight was not only widely regarded as boring, but Ramirez faces some criticism for not pulling out a better performance.

The opening round was more a feeling-out process, as Zurdo did not use much, not even his jab. Angulo was more active, moving forward more, but he is leaving himself open to attack.

After another quiet round, Angulo led in with his head and went right into Zurdo early in the third. His knees touched the canvas, but the referee ruled a trip. Ramirez tried to trap Angulo against the ropes and fire away, but Angulo fired back and nailed several hard shots, including one right hand in particular that rocked the champion. Angulo gets hit behind the head with a left hook.

Ramirez continues to favor his uppercut over his jab in the fourth, but from the distance he’s threw it, he did not land much. Angulo tried to bait him in. but Ramirez wasn’t having of it. Yet, he could’ve been considered too patient and not throwing enough.

Over the next couple of rounds, while swelling and a cut formed around Ramirez’s left eye. But in the seventh, Angulo caught the champion nearly halfway through the round and forced him into retreat. Ramirez composed himself but not much output after being stunned.

After that, most of the second half of the fight was fairly quiet. Ramirez got Angulo’s back to the ropes a couple of times in the eighth. Angulo continued to look for the one big punch and didn’t start working more to Ramirez’s level until the 10th. But by then, it was too little and too late.

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