Ramla Ali Opens Up About Pausing Her Pro Career For Olympics

Ramla Ali has revealed that her decision to put her professional decision to the side for the Olympic Games required no hesitation from her. Ali is the only professional female boxer from Somalia. Besides being a combat sportsman, she is a racial equality activist, model, and author.

Ali’s primary goal is to wear the world championship strap around her waist in a few years, but for now, she is focused on making it big in Tokyo.

She has been amazed to see the reaction from her loved ones. “The reaction among family and friends has been heart-warming. A lot of them seem to now understand the reason behind me not socializing and attending parties or weddings over the last decade as I’ve focused so much of my time on my training,” Ali said.

However, she hasn’t been impressed with the media. She said: “I have found very few news outlets covered my attendance but nearly everything single one of them was chasing me over the last few years to write a story on how I was a refugee or a Muslim boxer or supported black lives matter, which goes to show the editorial decisions these publications make and the agenda or angle they choose to report on.”

“I guess positive news is less engaging and less provoking,” Ali remarked.

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