Referee Gets Punched During The Keyshawn Davis vs. Miguel Madueno Fight

Miguel Madueno punched the referee during a heated altercation with Keyshawn Davis during their lightweight clash.

The pair faced off on the Stevenson Shakur vs. Artem Harutyunyan undercard. Keyshawn dominated the fight as he out-boxed and punished his opponent. Tempers flared during the fight at the end of round six. Davis squared up to Madueno, who was not pleased with the boxer’s conduct. The referee stepped in to separate the two.

However, as he did so, Madueno threw a left hand, which connected with the referee. The referee separated both fighters, who went to their respective corners. The referee was unsure who hit him. After finding out, Madueno was warned that he would be disqualified for any further violations. The fight ended with Davis winning a unanimous decision. After the win, Davis recalled the influence of Floyd Mayweather on his career.

“Floyd is always in the gym helping people out. I was in there with my brother Kelvin Davis, and he was helping both of us. You can learn a lot just by being around him. I was blessed. He told me, ‘Keyshawn, you have everything’. ‘You have the skill, you have the ability, you have everything’. He said the only people who could beat him were the ones more conditioned, so make sure you are always on top of your conditioning,” Davis said


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