Relive The First Round Of Hagler-Hearns

While only eight minutes, the fight between Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns is considered one of the most brutal bouts in boxing history. The two middleweights went to war in 1985 for the WBA, WBC, IBF, The Ring and lineal Middleweight Titles. The first round, presented by Top Rank above, is considered one of the most memorable rounds in all of boxing.

All referee Richard Steele could do was watch as both put it all on the line. In today’s boxing scene, there is a strategy in place. Floyd Mayweather was known for tiring out his opponents by escaping their grasp. This fight wasn’t like his or any other bout, as Hagler and Hearns went at it right from the opening bell. Hearns hit vicious jabs while Hagler acted as the rare aggressor. A right nailed Hearns, and both awoke after a cross to the chin of Hagler.

The punches both were throwing at one another would knock down any normal fighter. Both competitors, however, were possessed that night inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The crowd were roaring with each blow, and the announcers were in awe of what was happening. Boxing pundits were shocked at just how far the two would go to gain an advantage. Hagler had Hearns against the ropes at various times, once by a jumping jab. Hearns was wobbling at one point but he also managed to damage Hagler enough to the point of him bleeding profusely.

One judge ended up giving the round to Hagler, while two gave it to Hearns. CompuBox had Hearns landing 56-of-83 shots while Hagler landed 50-of-82 shots. In the end, Hagler ended up winning the fight via TKO in the third.

Al Michaels said it best: “It didn’t go very far, but it was a beauty!”

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