Reliving A Classic: Hughes’ Comeback Against Trigg In The Rematch

Throughout his career, Matt Hughes was known for some incredible moments. One of his greatest rivalries was against Frank Trigg, where he performed one of the greatest comebacks in MMA history.

Hughes (45-9), who beat Trigg (21-9) at UFC 45 to defend his Welterweight Title for the fifth time, came into UFC 52 in 2005 the newly-crowned champion once again. The fight was only one round, but the sequence of events made it a true classic. Both were looking for an edge, but a low blow by Trigg got things going. Referee Mario Yamasaki did not see the errant shot despite Hughes’ plea, and Trigg just pounced on him.

Trigg locked in a rear-naked choke, looking to avenge the loss from the first fight. Hughes would not give up, however. In a moment that will live in infamy, Hughes escaped the hold, lifted Trigg up, dropped him across the cage and started landed elbows across the forehead of Trigg. Hughes locked in a rear-naked choke and just like that, it was deja vu all over again.

Hughes would end up defending the title one more time before losing it to Georges St-Pierre. Trigg would bounce in and out of the UFC, winning the Icon Sport Middleweight Title at one point.

You can check out the full fight, via the UFC, in the video above.

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