Report: Arrests Made In Killing Of Boxer Danny Gonzalez

Two men have been arrested for allegedly killing Danny Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was a boxing prospect who was once highly touted by Floyd Mayweather. At the time of his signing with Mayweather Promotions in 2016, Gonzalez was just 18 years old. During a Labor Day picnic in 2020, Gonzalez was shot and killed.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Riverside County police have arrested two men for first-degree murder. Andre Richee, 27, and Lee Mooring, 32, are being accused of killing Gonzalez. Police have also issued an arrest warrant for Joseph Goldsmith, 28, for his connection to the shooting.

The report notes that Richee and Mooring were arrested on Thursday, September 10. Two minors were also injured during the shooting but those were non-threatening life injuries.

Both Richee and Mooring were also charged with vandalism. Richee is also facing a grand theft of property charge. If Richee and Mooring are convicted of first-degree murder, they may face the death penalty.

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