Reyes Planning Jones Rematch Before First Fight

Calling Dominick Reyes confident would be an understatement, as the undefeated UFC light heavyweight is already planning for a rematch against Jon Jones.

The two are signed for a fight for Jones’ 205 pound title on February 8th in Houston at UFC 247, and Reyes is in the mindset that he’s not only going to beat Jones but have a mega rematch against him.

“Absolutely. I look forward to the rematch,” Reyes told MMA Fighting ahead of the announcement that he will face Jones in February. “I’m already planning the rematch in Cowboy Stadium. That’s already in the works.

“I already know what’s going to happen. I’m going to beat him, it’s not going to be enough. Perfect, let’s do it in Cowboy Stadium except this time it’s my pay-per-view.”

“It’s almost like I designed this. Everything I said was going to happen, happened,” Reyes said of his MMA career. “Everything I planned has happened. I know exactly what I need to be successful and now I’m doing it.”

“I’m definitely not the one you want to act cocky with,” Reyes said of Jones, who has dominated the light heavyweight division since touching down inside the Octagon. “I mean I hope he doesn’t but if he does, sh*t, better for me.”

“It’s Jon Jones. This is bigger than the title,” Reyes said.
“Yes and no because the title’s big but not only winning the title but you’re beating arguably the best to ever do it. It’s huge. It’s f***ing huge.”

Report: MMA Fighting

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