Ricky Hatton Advises Anthony Joshua To Not Work With His Training Team Again

Former British professional boxer Ricky Hatton believes that Anthony Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) shouldn’t work with his training team anymore.

Recently, Joshua’s training team failed to step in when he had an emotional meltdown after his defeat to Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia.

The 44-year-old retired boxer says that Joshua’s trainers could have prevented the situation from happening when the 33-year-old threw Usyk’s belts out of the ring.

Afterward, he grabbed the microphone and had an emotional rant in front of the audience.

“He didn’t take the final decision kindly,” said Hatton to Secondsout about Joshua.

“He went up to the opposite corner, giving them the fist a little bit. That was too heavy for my liking. Someone in that corner should have turned around and said, ‘Oh, AJ is losing it.’ Emotions are all over in a fight of that magnitude.

“You just got beat, I get it, and it should have been someone putting their arm around him and saying, ‘Hey AJ, come on, mate. Let’s get out of the ring because you’re not too good.’

“No, they allowed it to happen. They allowed him to chuck belts out of the ring. They allowed him to get the microphone. What was his corner doing when they saw him with the microphone? He should never be in anyone’s corner again. Shocking behavior, shocking corner work.”

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