Ricky Hatton Wants Exhibition Match With Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather defeated Hatton in a pro bout in 2007.

Former world champion Ricky Hatton returned to the ring last year for an exhibition fight with Marco Antonio Barrera. The Britisher is interested in more exhibition fights in the future, but doesn’t fancy any YouTubers. 

The retired boxer will be happy to roll back the years in an exhibition with the legend Floyd Mayweather. Hatton suffered his first defeat in 2007 against the American. 

Mayweather retired from the sport in 2017, but took part in three exhibition fights last year. 

 “Floyd seems happy to fight the YouTubers, if I’m going to do an exhibition, I want to do it against Floyd Mayweather or Miguel Cotto, or Juan Manuel Marquez, or someone like that where I’m getting something from it, not just a few quid in my pocket. 

“I’m actually getting something from it, I’m finding out firsthand how good Miguel Cotto, or Marco Antonio Barrera was, or having another move about with Floyd Mayweather. That’s something that’s not just about the money. That’s something special,” Hatton told Mega Casino. 

Although Jake Paul has an unbeaten record at 6-0, Hatton doesn’t consider facing him due to the size disparity. However, the retired boxer has no problems with the way the YouTuber-turned-boxer is building up his boxing career. 

 “I would not fight Jake Paul, he’s massive. He’s much too big for me. I don’t think he’s particularly good, and I think he’s picking his fights very, very carefully, which he’s getting a bit of stick for, which I think is a little bit unfair because give him a break, he is actually a YouTuber, not a boxer.  

 “You shouldn’t expect him to go in there with former world champions right from the get-go. He’s fought basketball players and mixed martial artists, and I think he’s just going to dip his toe in the boxing world now isn’t he with a professional boxer,” Hatton said. 

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