Ring Announcer Lt. Dan Hennessey Quits After Huge Blunder

Lt. Dan Hennessey will quit his role as a ring announcer after 18 years. 

The announcement comes following Hennessey’s blunder after the Cherneka Johnson vs. Nina Hughes fight. The MC mistakenly announced Hughes as the winner, only to then retract his comments after reading the scorecards again. Hennessey received mass backlash, as he admitted suffering from mental health issues.

The blunder was reminiscent of when Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe in 2015. After much consideration, Hennessey has decided to cover one more fight before retiring. 

“I love all the support from everyone. Thank you all for the kind words. Unfortunately, the worldwide backlash is absolutely incredible and it’s effecting [affecting] my mental health to a degree where I will have one more show. I am doing this show because I am still a man of my word and promised Sam Rapira that I would do it because he is a great mate and I refuse to leave him hanging. I love and will keep in touch with all my friends from around the world. Thank you. No longer the world’s punching bag. I’m out,” Hennessey said

Before boxing, Hennessey was in the United States Marine Corps in 1991. He became a Lieutenant before moving to New Zealand in 1998 as a DJ. He worked on Sky TV as a commentator in 2003. He would eventually announce his first boxing fight between David Tua and Shane Cameron in 2009. The news has understandably received a strong reaction. 


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