Ringside Photographer Saves Boxer Who Was Knocked Out Of Ring By John Ramirez

John Ramirez knocked Jan Salvatierra out cold Saturday night, but it almost turned into a nasty fall.

Luckily, a ringside photographer saved Salvatierra from hitting the floor after he flew out of the ring. The photographer helped roll the Mexican boxer back into the ring, but the referee almost immediately waved off the fight.

“He made a mistake and he had to pay. He was not on my level.” Ramirez said in his post-fight interview.

It marked Ramirez’s eighth knockout of his career. The huge right hand sent Salvatierra through the ropes in the final minute of the opening round.

The 25-year-old issued a warning to the super featherweight division.

“I want to fight the best out there. I don’t care,” he said. “How can you be the best of you don’t face the best out there?

“Joshua Franco, [Jesse] Bam Rodriguez, anyone with a belt I’m coming for you. I’m not here to take part, I’m here to take over.”

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