RIZIN CEO Clarifies Pacquiao Contract

On Monday, Manny Pacquiao was announced to have signed a deal with RIZIN Fighting Federation and that he would be a part of their upcoming event on April 21st.

Now with no other information provided on what Pacquiao would be doing or any terms of what the deal was, RIZIN CEO, Nobuyuki Sakakibara clarified on some of the details of their agreement with the Filipino Senator.

Pacquiao will attend the April 21st event to not only greet the fans, but also cheer on fellow Filipino Fritz Biagtan as he takes on the man who faced Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition, Tenshin Nasukawa.

As reported previously, Pacquiao was totally against the exhibition due to Mayweather’s size and experience advantage against the much younger and lighter Nasukawa.

If Pacquiao’s deal with RIZIN includes a fight, Sakakibara could set up a showdown with MMA veteran Takanori Gomi.

“I heard (Gomi) has said, ‘I’d love to fight against Pacquiao,’ ” Sakakibara said.

Sakakibara also referenced a potential deal with former UFC double champion Conor McGregor, who the RIZIN CEO claimed the two sides have communicated.

“If we had him, we would create something completely new,” Sakakibara said of signing McGregor. “Like Pacquiao and Floyd, he’s perhaps the only man in mixed martial arts that makes it possible. We would be able to make something that’s very interesting if he worked with us.”


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