Roach “Disappointed” With Davison’s Corner Work

Less than two weeks ago Ben Davison was almost the youngest trainer to coach a world champion, but a split-decision draw would halt his fighter Tyson Fury’s historical comeback.

The cut man, and the current youngest trainer to ever lead a world champion, Freddie Roach told Kristine Leahy that he was not impressed with the advice given by Fury’s trainer for their WBC world heavyweight ttile fight against Deontay Wilder.

When Roach was asked if he thought Fury missed opportunities to drop Wilder during their fight at Staples Center, Roach claimed: “Yes, I do [had he been more offensive]…the thing is he did hurt him a couple times and I was disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to finish him. And it was funny because we had one fight earlier in the night, the first fight of the night — it wasn’t televised — but Ben [Davison] gave the exact same instructions to the 126-pound fighter that he did the heavyweight fighter [Fury].

“I said, ‘wait, why are you like saying the same thing? Why you treating these people the same?’ These fighters know each other but they’re not the same. And his instructions were the same and choreographed like for both guys. So, I was a little disappointed.

“I told Tyson, I said ‘you know, maybe I can help him along the way’ because he did a great job with the conditioning, the weight loss and all that. And he’s only a 26-year-old kid. If Tyson had won I think I wouldn’t be the youngest trainer to have a world champion anymore…”

When asked if he’d work with Fury again and take on a larger role, he didn’t completely dismiss it. “Possibly, but the thing is me and Tyson and his brother spoke about it,” Roach told Leahy. “We said ‘let’s all go home and enjoy Christmas and we’ll have a meeting either in the UK or here in America with each other. And we left it at that.”


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