Roberto Duran Calls Gennadiy Golovkin ‘Lazy’ And ‘Weak’ In Trilogy Loss To Canelo Alvarez

Like Oscar De La Hoya, fellow boxing legend Roberto Duran had his own critiques about Saturday’s trilogy fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin.

Duran said he thinks that the 40-year-old Golovkin should retire.

“Retire now. He lost against Canelo,” Duran told Fight Hub TV.

“GGG is not the same as before. I saw him lazy; I saw him weak; his mind didn’t help him. He didn’t think well. In boxing, you have to think a lot.”

Golovkin started off slow in the first few rounds of the bout.

It seemed like he was looking for the perfect opportunity to catch Alvarez off guard instead of creating the opening. Still, the two-time middleweight champion was able to endure Alvarez’s punches.

Golovkin got the crowd riled up in the second half of the main event when he forced Alvarez onto the ropes more than once. But it wasn’t enough to overpower his opponent who was always able to escape.

Duran added that Golovkin didn’t “apply a lot of pressure.”

Saturday’s fight was different compared to the boxers’ last two fights. In 2017, their first fight ended in a split decision draw; many fans thought that GGG had done enough to upset Alvarez.

After Alvarez was declared the winner – retaining his undisputed super middleweight championship – Golovkin said in the post-fight interview that this fight was more tactical, but on Saturday, Alvarez was better.

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