Rockhold Interested In Fighting Again

One is never truly out of the fight game. That is the case with Luke Rockhold, who has expressed his desire to get back inside the octagon.

The 35-year-old Rockhold (16-4) hasn’t competed since July 2019, losing to Jan Blachowicz via KO. It was his second loss in a row, putting him at 2-3 in his last five fights. He later told ESPN that there was a “very good chance” he wouldn’t fight again. However, he has not formally announced his retirement. That was something he had no desire to do and continues to preach it today. This time, however, he comes with a new message:

“That’s why I just kept my mouth shut,” Rockhold stated to MMA UK, via MMA Fighting. “People just do it to seek attention. I’m not trying to like make some big statement, make attention about it when I’m not sure about it.

“Here we are now. I’m getting healthier and I might be getting an itch. We’ll see.”

Rockhold, the former Strikeforce and UFC Middleweight Champion, recently underwent shoulder surgery to repair a labrum tear and rotator cuff. While he hasn’t been fighting, Rockhold has appeared in films and has continued a modeling career. The idea of “closing the door” when it comes to MMA never appealed to him, as there is always that desire.

Joining the UFC following Strikeforce’s dissolution, Rockhold beat Chris Weidman for the UFC Middleweight Title. Losing it to Michael Bisping in his next fight, his luck was disappearing along with his desire. Now, he is not interested in fighting for the title, unless there is a unique opportunity. Fights that come to mind for him include a Weidman rematch and a bout with Anderson Silva.

Priority number one for Rockhold, however, is to take care of himself first.

“I’ve just got to get healthy. It’s getting healthy and getting everything right and just taking some time off,” Rockhold said. “I’ve been pushing it so hard for 15 years in this sport. It’s nice to have a break, mentally it’s freeing. Get focused on some other things I can do and there’s a lot to maintain and keep up with.”

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