Roddy Claims Conor Is Ready For Khabib

With Conor McGregor inching towards a plea deal for his UFC 223 bus attack, it seems a return to the Octagon will come sooner than later, and could be a dream fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

McGregor’s striking coach, Owen Roddy spoke on the potential of a fight with Nurmagomedov with MMANytt recently. Roddy claims anything is possible.

“I can’t confirm anything but it would be great,” Roddy said. “Conor’s training hard, he’s always training. He’s motivated and he wants to fight, it’s just that he gets a few things sorted out and then he sits down and negotiates a good deal for his next fight. I think it will be another big spectacle like they always are. So I’m excited, just like everybody else.”

“I don’t know but I think [Khabib]’s at the forefront. I always say, Conor wants the biggest fights that he can possibly have and I think, at the moment, Khabib seems to be that guy.”

“I’m sure it’s just down to the right negotiations but yeah, I think it is building,” Roddy claimed in regards to the hype and mayhem surrounding both fighters. “This kind of started similarly with the Mayweather fight; there was talk, there was a bit of back and forth and a bit of drama and then once the crowd and once the fans get behind it, they ultimately create the fight. It’s brewing up nicely.”

McGregor cannot do anything until his court case is decided, and should be resolved by July 26th, and Roddy says as soon as they get the word, McGregor and his camp are ready to get his belt back.

“The striker’s always at an advantage because you start standing and you start at range,” Roddy said. “The grappler always has to get around that and find his way into the clinch and it’s very, very difficult to do that without taking a big shot off Conor. It’s just about setting traps and putting his opponent in positions where they’re vulnerable. He’s got phenomenal takedown defense. You’ve seen that in some of his other fights. . . He’s no slouch there so we’re more than prepared to fight anybody.”

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