Rodtang The Soccer Player

Rodtang Is Ferocious When He Fights

Rodtang Iron Man Ring Entrance
The Iron Man.


Rodtang is known for his brutal fighting style, his iron jaw and his relentless attacks in the ONE Championship circle.

But we’ve also come to know his gentle side, as he always displays passion, humbleness, gratitude and respect towards his opponents – most of whom he beats to a pulp.


Rodtang paying respect to Wielzen
Rodtang paying respect to Wielzen.


The cool thing about Rodtang is, that he seems like a down-to-earth guy, who always smiles and looks to thoroughly enjoy life.

Earlier today he uploaded a video to his Facebook page, where he scores a goal in soccer (Europe: football), and reacts in his typical emotional and happy way:


From Rodtang’s Facebook page


All media courtesy of ONE Championship unless otherwise stated.

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