Rogan Calls For All MMA Judges To Be Fired

Joe Rogan is not mincing words when it comes to the state of MMA officiating.

“I think the system sucks,” Rogan told Max Holloway on Rogan’s JRE MMA Show podcast recently. “The 10-point must system. It’s boxing’s system, it’s not our system. We shouldn’t have that system. We should have a more comprehensive system that recognizes everything.”

When the sport of MMA was developing the initial unified rules, they adopted boxing’s 10-point must system, which helped United States athletic commissions warm-up and adopt the unified rules and legalize MMA in all 50 states of the course of two decades.

While it opened the door for MMA’s growth, Rogan believes that the current system and utilizing judges who are transplants from boxing help create bigger issues within the sport.

“The judges should at least have some martial arts experience, and I know there’s a bunch of them that have never even f*cking trained, they just took some courses,” Rogan said. “…It’s horrible. It’s horrible and they don’t do anything about it. There’s people that have put in bad decision after bad decision and then you see them still being listed as judges, and you’re like ‘This is crazy.’”

“They need to fire everyone… You know what they need to do man? They should hire ex-fighters… It’s like passing a written test but never having driven a car. That’s what it’s like. ‘Here’s a driver’s license,’ but you don’t even know how to f*cking hit the gas, you don’t know how much brake you should apply.

“When you see some of these people that are judging, you know that they’ve never done anything,” Rogan continued. “They don’t have any idea of what’s going on. They just have a cursory understanding of fighting and that’s not acceptable for the highest level of the game. There’s so many ex-fighters that would make amazing referees or judges.”

“We should have more than three judges… Eight is a good number. Nine would be a good number because nine would be a tie-breaker if you had like, four one way, four the other way. I feel like three is ridiculous. Why do you only have three? You know the judges suck already so why do you only have three people that suck?”

Transcribed by MMA Fighting

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