Rogan Will Do Anything To Get UFC To Sign Askren

Even though Ben Askren has retired from the sport, Joe Rogan wants to see the former Bellator and ONE Championship star fight inside the Octagon.

Rogan on his JRE MMA Show, Tuesday, offered to act as a mediator between Askren and UFC President Dana White, in an attempt to bridge a divide that grew in earlier negotiations between the two.

“I’ve talked to [White] about [signing Askren] in the past,” Rogan said. “I think if Ben and him sat down and I could be there, maybe I could help. I’d do that. I’d 100 percent be willing to do that.”

Askren, a former Bellator and ONE Championship champion, is considered one of the greatest fighters to never figt inside the UFC, and he’s yet to fight in the UFC due White refusing to sign Askren due to a lack of worthy opponents.

At one point in 2013, following Askren gaining his release from Bellator, Askren nearly signed to a deal with the UFC, but following an initial meeting the UFC was no longer interested. That would lead to Askren signing with ONE Championship, and retiring in December after a three year reign as welterweight champion.

Rogan said Askren is “underutilized” and “not appreciated” as a fighter. And even though Askren has made it known that only way he’d sign a deal with the UFC is if he fought Georges St-Pierre, even then for Rogan this is a must-do deal.

“For me, it’s a no-brainer,” Rogan said. “You want to see the best versus the best, and he’s been able to do weird sh-t to people. … He’s f—king super articulate, super smart, f—king great guy.”

Watch below as Rogan talked with Ben Askren about his issues with the UFC and Dana White, on the JRE MMA Show last month.



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