Rolando Romero Warns Gervonta Davis Not To Withdraw From Fight

Rolando Romero is coming for Gervonta Davis after their first matchup was scrapped in late 2021.

Their fight has yet to be scheduled, but whenever it gets finalized, Romero doesn’t want Davis to pull out of it at any cost.

The situation is now quite clear: Davis must win the WBA “regular” 135-lb title. This fight is extremely crucial for him if he wants to retain his title.

The Tank has so far given no indication of putting or postponing the fight.

Romero had to go through a tough period amid the allegations to get the Davis fight, and he is most likely to not make it a walk in the park for the WBA champ.

The challenger is promoting the whole fight single-handedly with his trash talk ability. In a recent interview.

“I’m back, and I’m mandatory, and the fight has to happen because if it doesn’t, he’s clearly a f—p—.”

On the contrary, Davis stays on the low when it comes to promotion. Like his mentor Floyd Mayweather, he likes to sit back and enjoy watching his opponents doing all the talking.

Davis is coming off a close decision win over Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, who replaced Romero at the eleventh hour after he was under allegations of sexual assault.

“Both of those mother f— was lucky I wasn’t in the ring that night. I could knock them both out at the same time,” Romero said while discussing the fight.

He seems quite confident about his fight and believes he can easily clinch the lightweight crown off Davis.

“Let’s say it like this. Everybody that’s been in the ring with me and Tank, they’re taking me. Everybody that has seen both of us spar, I’m talking about a lot of people over there at Floyd’s, they’re taking me.”

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