Rolando Romero’s Trainer Responds After His Fighter Was Knocked Down In Sparring

Rolando's coach bans people from filming

Rolando Romero’s trainer, Bullet Cromwell, has declared that Rolly will no longer be taking it easy in sparring after a video was leaked showing him getting knocked down by the upcoming boxer J’Hon Ingram.

Despite being the bigger man, Rolly had a hard time getting to his feet after being knocked down. Amazingly, the same left hook utilized by Gervonta Davis to defeat Romero in their bout at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, ended up doing the same damage.

In response, Bullet has asserted that anyone not part of the Rolly team must vacate the gym while he is sparring, as they are not permitted to observe or record his sessions.

Bullett claimed that Rolly was simply aiming to assist the new fighters, as he was advised to go easy. But, as per Bullet, Rolly no longer intends to be a nice guy while he is sparring.

He also made it clear that he had suspicions over who had leaked the video. And in doing so, he said that they violated the code of conduct by making the video public.

In his comments, Bullet said: “From this day forward, I’m telling you this. If you get in the ring with him, that’s your a**.’ I’m not going to tell him to slow down.

“If I’m petty, I would show the three times he did get hurt in that sparring session or the time before when we stopped the sparring session because he [Ingram] ate a left hook, and he couldn’t handle it. 

“It was either Jorian or that little Asian kid, Ethan that leaked it because I saw the blue shoes and the red trunks, and I know exactly who it is. I don’t know who gave them permission to do it.

“Now we’re back to beast boxing. We’re back to f**k everybody. We’re going to line your a** up and get f**ked up.”

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