Ronda Rousey Explains Past Concussions Lead To Combat Sports Retirement

Ronda Rousey, one of the most popular female names in combat sports, recently revealed that alarming concussions is ultimately what ended her career.

During her time as the UFC’s bantamweight titleholder, Rousey was one of the organization’s biggest draw. But, her reign as champion, and undefeated run, was ended by Holly Holm by way of a devastating knockout in the second round.

“Rowdy” would compete once more with the UFC, but once again would get stopped, this time by a nasty onslaught of punches courtesy of Amanda Nunes. Following the loss to Nunes, Rousey decided to step away from MMA, and move into professional wrestling, signing with the WWE.

Surprisingly, the former champion indicated during a recent live stream related to the release of her new book that the concussions of concern were an issue long before her time in MMA, and dated back to her Olympic Judo days.


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“My concussion history that I had to keep secret for years, so I would be able to continue to compete and perform.” Ronda Rousey stated on the stream when asked to reveal something from the book that she never spoke about publically. “That’s basically why I had to retire… I think that there was just so much to [her losses] that I couldn’t talk about it in the form of like, an interview or an article or anything like that. Or there would be several filters between my words, and the people reading it.” (h/t MMA Fighting)

She continued, “So much had to do with having so many concessions when I was in judo before I even got into MMA. I couldn’t talk about it all when I was doing MMA because it would literally put a target on my head and I might not have been allowed to compete any farther. Same thing with WWE. They have a complicated history with their performers getting concussions and it would be a bad look on them.”

“So, I felt like I really couldn’t talk about it all.” Ronda Rousey concluded. “So I feel like this i the long form that I would be able to adequately address it.”

(h/t MMA Fighting)


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