Ronda Rousey Further Details Concussion Problems During UFC Career

As of late, former UFC champion Ronda Rousey has been outspoken regarding her history with concussions, and now she has added further details to her struggles.

Rousey recently outlined her experience with concussions over the course of her lengthy time in combat sports, ultimately concluding with the fact that they are what ended her career.

In an interview earlier this week, the female MMA sensation and former Olympic Judo competitor went into even further detail on the subject. Rousey even revealed that a slip down a set of stairs left her compromised during the match in which she lost her bantamweight title to Holly Holm.

“It was at the point that the first time I got touched, I was out on my feet”

“My mouth guard was bad,” Rousey said. “I literally came into that fight concussed from slipping down some stairs already after all these years of concussions. Then I had an absolutely terrible weight cut, which means you have less fluid in your brain to protect it.”

“I was just trying to make it look like I wasn’t hurt, but I wasn’t there cognitively,” she added. “I couldn’t think as fast. I couldn’t judge distance, and just from that one fight, everybody felt like, ‘Oh, she’s a fraud.’”

“I know that I’m the greatest fighter that has ever lived,” she said Tuesday. “But when it got to a point where I’d just taken so much neurological damage that I couldn’t take it anymore, suddenly everything that I accomplished meant nothing.”


Rousey also explained that she felt she owed something to her fans to continue fighting, but after the loss of her title she felt that many public opinions had taken a turn on her.

Additionally, she expressed that she did not want to give anyone the idea that she was making excuses for her losses, which is why she did not speak of the injuries that she was struggling with while competing.

“So then after that second fight, and I saw how all these people that I was coming back to fight for had suddenly turned against me, all of my appreciation for them turned into resentment, and I just didn’t wanna have anything to do for them and with them anymore. I didn’t wanna do anything for them anymore, because I gave them everything that I had, and they hated me for not being able to give them more.”

“I think people would have thought I was just making excuses, and I couldn’t say anything after the first fight, because I’d literally just be putting a target out of my head,” she said. “And after the second fight, I didn’t want to say anything to anyone, because the media were just trying to sensationalize everything, and chop everything up into a headline; they weren’t trying to help me tell my story, and it’s the kind of thing I think that could only have been told in a book. Only in that long form, because there was just so much that happened, and so much that I went into at that time.”



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