Ronda Rousey Names Only Opponent Who Could Tempt Her Back To MMA

Ronda Rousey has named the only opponent who could tempt her back to MMA.

The 35 year old retired from MMA back in 2016, and she was the first female fighter inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2018.

The last time “Rowdy” was in the octagon was at UFC 207, where she lost to Amanda Nunes. Since her departure, Rousey has enjoyed much success as a professional wrestler and is the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

However, on a recent episode of the ‘The Kurt Angle Show,” Rousey mentioned Gina Carano as the one opponent who could get her to get back into the cage.

“I mean, I’ve said it a million times. It’s not like it’s something new, but, for Gina, man. Gina Carano, she’s the reason why I got into fighting, she’s the reason why I knew it was a possibility,” said Rousey.

“I will always be forever grateful…and if she ever was like, ‘Ronda, I wanna fight you tomorrow at 205 pounds,’ like whatever the hell she’d want – I’m not saying she’s 205 pounds – if she wanted to come into my backyard and do the Rocky thing or, you know, ding, ding and we just do it in the backyard, I don’t care.

It’s just like hey, if you ever wanna pull that card out, it’s there. I love her. Thank you, Gina, for everything you’ve done.”

Carano, 40, has not fought since she lost a featherweight bout to Cris Cyborg in August of 2009. However, Carano has gone on to have a successful acting career.

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