Roy Jones: Gervonta Davis’ Star Power Lets Him Pick His Battles

Gervonta Davis can choose whoever he fights, given his huge star power. 

That is according to Roy Jones Jr. Tank’s biggest fight took place last April against Ryan Garcia. Davis emerged victorious with a seventh-round knockout in a fight that sold over 1.2 million PPVs. The fight also earned Davis over a reported $50 million. That has set the benchmark for any future fights. 

Davis has avoided Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson, with many believing the risk-reward ratio is insufficient for Davis to get in the ring. He is currently in talks to face Conor Benn after Eddie Hearn confirmed a $10-15 million offer had been sent. That revelation disappointed boxing fans, given that fights against Stevenson and Haney are much tougher. But Jones defended Davis, saying he could control whom he faced. 

“Tank has been doing a great job of what he’s been doing, so he doesn’t have to call nobodies’ name. He’s fine because he’s must-see TV by himself. That’s what you want to be able to be. If you’re must-see TV by yourself, it doesn’t matter who you fight. The rest of those guys need him.

“He don’t need them. So, for him he can fight whoever he wants to fight. “Yeah, they’re going to demand that he fights some names soon, but in the meanwhile, he fights whoever he wants to fight because why? He’s must-see TV, no matter who he’s in there against. Yeah, you want to see him fight Shakur. Yeah, you want to see him fight Haney,” Jones said

But if Davis desires to be the face of boxing, he must face tougher opposition than what he is currently doing. A move up to 140 would achieve that, given Haney, Teofimo Lopez, and Subriel Matias are genuine threats. That was the perception from boxing fans. 


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