Roy Jones Jr. Criticizes Ryan Garcia For Relying On His Left Hook – ‘Everybody Knows That’

Roy Jones Jr. has told Ryan Garcia to add more offense to his boxing rather than relying on his signature left hook. 

Garcia’s reliance on his left hook took his boxing record to 23-0 before his first loss to Gervonta Davis. Before the fight, Tank labelled Garcia as a one-dimensional fighter, claiming he just had a ‘left hook.’ Davis backed up those words as he stopped Garcia in the seventh round. 

Tank took Garcia’s biggest weapon away by ducking low under the left hook to counter with a body shot. Garcia took a knee and failed to get up from the canvas as he suffered his first defeat. In the aftermath, Garcia moved up to Junior Welterweight and hired Derrick James as his trainer to address the fundamental flaws in his boxing skills. 

Their first fight against Oscar Duarte showed Garcia was working on new things. Surprisingly, he adopted the ‘Philly Shell’ with mixed results. But his left hook ultimately did the damage, setting up the Duarte stoppage. But to beat the best, Jones felt Garcia had to add more firepower to prevent himself from being predictable. 

“I like him a lot. I think Ryan is an awesome fighter. The problem with Ryan is he’s got a left hook that is a killer, but everybody knows that. So until he gets something else to disguise the left hook, something else to make people worry about, he’s going to have a hard time.

“With the upper-echelon fighters. The regular fighters, he’ll kill. If he hits you with his left hook, it’s over with. But the guys that know not to get hit with the left hook like Tank did, they’re going to be a problem until he gets more put in his arsenal,” Jones said 

Garcia’s problems also extend outside the ring. His next fight is uncertain after three possible opponents were ruled out. Ryan withdrew from talks over a Devin Haney fight in favor of Rolando Romero, claiming it was the better business move. The decision backfired after Oscar De La Hoya confirmed the fight was off. The promoter alleged Romero had priced himself out as Jose Ramirez was mentioned as an alternative. Garcia ruled out Ramirez while Romero hit back, blaming Garcia’s team for not wanting the fight. 

“F Princess Ryan Garcia, f Oscar De La Fishnets, and f DAZN, the stiest streaming network out there, for wasting my time and more important wasting the entire boxing world’s time.

“It’s disgusting to see how you guys do business, then trying to go behind my back offering [Isaac Cruz] an offer, then claiming I [priced myself out]. Y’all fed up. Now it’s Rolly vs Pitbull on Amazon Prime, the largest network in boxing history. This fight is an explosion,” Romero said

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