Roy Jones Jr Is Trying To Help Free Brittney Griner From Russian Prison

Roy Jones Jr. (66-9) is becoming a hero outside the ring, as he has made it clear that he is willing to sacrifice his own freedom for the safety of another US athlete.

The former four-division champion, who recently got included in the Hall-of-Fame has joined a huge list of athletes who are demanding a quick release of WNBA superstar Brittney Griner from the Russian prison.

Griner was arrested in Moscow on February 17 and Russian customs police allegedly found vape cartridges with hash oil in her bags. She has been kept in prison despite the countless efforts by the American government to bring her home.

Jones believed that his dual citizenship in both the United States and Russia may be able to help right the injustice. It is important to note that he obtained his Russian citizenship in 2015.

“Currently, there is only one talking point within the American athletes and that is the release of Britney Griner. I have a friend in Miami and he tried to persuade the government about this situation,” Jones told Best Women’s Boxing Show PERIOD (BWBSP) podcast.

“There is a thing that they want and that is to conduct a prisoner swap. If the US government gets involved, they will be willing to make a swap for Griner,” Jones stated.

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