Roy Jones Jr. Sends A Warning To Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva (34-11-0) is at the peak of his powers and doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. However, after his latest win, Roy Jones Jr. sent a warning message to the Brazilian.

For many years, fans have been reading rumors about the potential match between Jones Jr. and Silva. The two have teased the audience, negotiated to make it official, and even took photographs together. It always felt like there is a chance that the fight was around the corner, but it never happened.

It’s still unclear whether this fight will become a reality in 2022.

Silva was very impressive in his recent exhibition bout against Bruno Machado. In response, Jones Jr. was quick to sing his praise.

“I have been watching you, Anderson. I am impressed so I cannot say that I can take you easy. Just in case, stay ready so I don’t need to get ready. Congratulations on the deserved win,” Jones Jr. tweeted.

Despite a six year age gap between the two veterans, the audience still wants this fight to take place within the current celebrity boxing hype. Considering his recent performances, Silva would like his chances against the older fighter.

The 47-year-old says that he could have enjoyed a successful career if he hadn’t decided to go into the mixed martial artist route.

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