Rudolph Feels “At Home” On The US Open Stage

With 43 world titles and a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Jackson Rudolph has already had his fair share of moments in the ISKA US Open spotlight.

This weekend, the Kentucky native returns to Orlando, hoping he and his bo staff can earn him a seventh title at the annual tournament featuring some of the world’s greatest martial artists.



Starting in martial arts at the age of six, Rudolph was influenced by his first-grade teacher, who did an in-class presentation breaking concrete blocks.

Heading into his 14th US Open, Rudolph admits that he wasn’t ready in 2006 for the challenge that was in-front of him, telling his dad that “one day I’m going to be on that stage, and I’m gonna win.”

“Ever since that moment, it was a goal to win at the US Open,” Rudolph told FIGHT SPORTS prior to last year’s event.

“You dream of being able to achieve one. And looking back at my career, seeing that I’ve amassed seven of these titles, it’s a blessing and a privilege that I take into account every time I step in the venue.”

Marking his 2017 US Open victory, his first as an adult, as a career highlight, Rudolph is proud that he was able to prove himself in the adult division as he continues to develop and innovate unique movements to push the boundaries of his sport.

“It’s always me trying to take a trick to the next level,” Rudolph continued. “Whether it’s the triple spin in the opening section, whether it’s catching the bow with only one finger, I’m trying to do something difficult, but something beyond anyone else has done.”

“I find myself every time I step on stage trying to outdo my previous performance and see how many steps I can take to cement my legacy.”

“It’s a surreal feeling of being at home,” Rudolph said of competing on the US Open stage, saying that Independence day weekend is the “highlight of my year.”


For the full schedule of events and more information on the event head to the official US Open website and stay with FIGHT SPORTS for full coverage of the 2019 ISKA US Open.


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