Ruiz Blasts Fury’s Cultural Appropriation

This weekend is usually the biggest weekend of the Boxing calendar, with major fights and cards built around the Mexican Independence Day holiday.

For the past few years, the weekend has also been dominated by Canelo Alvarez, who was unable to find a suitable opponent to fight on the September 14th date.

Instead, a litany of cards have popped up across the country, with the T-Mobile Arena featuring Tyson Fury’s venue debut against undefeated Swede Otto Wallin.

Fury, known for his over-the-top antics and statements, walked into the Grand Arrivals on Tuesday, wearing the mask of Lucha Libre star Carístico.

Unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, a target for Fury’s ire due to being a “fat guy,” came after the British boxer for appropriating his culture.

“Tyson Fury’s talking s**t. He’s representing Mexico – he’s not even Mexican, what kind of s**t is that? A British f***ing, he ain’t even Mexican, wearing the f***ing Mexican flag, messed up man,” Ruiz stated on social media.

“Stay in your lane, represent your country, Tyson Fury, represent your country, represent what you represent. He just needs to stay in his lane – represent where he’s from, shouldn’t be representing another country that he’s not even a little close of.”

Transcribed by Boxing Scene

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