Ruiz Doesn’t Want 15 Minutes Of Fame

Andy Ruiz Jr will not anyone take this spotlight away from him, as the new unified world heavyweight champion continues his victory tour.

Heading to the offices of the WBO on Monday, Ruiz Jr would be given a custom made WBO world heavyweight champion joined by WBO management and Puerto Rican boxing champions Miguel Cotto, Iván Calderón, Juanma López, Alex Sanchez, John John Molina and Samuel Serrano among others.

“My life changed completely. Everything has been a dream. I worked hard, I achieved everything I wanted to do and now that I am a world champion, it is something wonderful,” shared Ruiz with Carlos Gonzalez.

“People now come after me for a photo or a video, but it’s nice because it’s what I wanted. I was not prepared for the fame I acquired, but everything comes at the right time. We have to become humble and enjoy everything that comes.”

“My name will remain in history as the first Mexican to become champion of the heavyweight division,” Ruiz said among other former Hispanic world champions. “I feel good about everything that is happening through all the sacrifices that I made. This is what I’ve wanted from the age of six,” said Ruiz.

“I do not want it to be my 15 minutes of fame. I have to throw more [desire and dedication] to win the rematch.”

Initial Article: Boxing Scene

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