Ruiz Jr Finally “Happy” Following Upset Over AJ

A year ago, Andy Ruiz Jr wanted to quit boxing, now the Californian is the unified world heavyweight champion and was given a hero’s welcome in Mexico.

“I am happy. A year ago I wanted to leave boxing. I had no money, but I did not want to live on the street,” Ruiz said of his career prior to his upset seventh round TKO over Anthony Joshua inside Madison Square Garden.

“I was doing bad things with friends. Doing things where my dad had to look for me in their homes and take me to train. But boxing helped me not to be in the streets or in bad areas. I am what I am thanks to boxing and my dad,” said the native Californian.

“I told my mom that we were not going to fight anymore. I told her that I was going to give her everything. That I am going to pay for everything, buy her a new car. Thank God everything changed.”

On Tuesday, Ruiz Jr met with the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and the new champion was in awe of the man known as AMLO.

“I was nervous with the President. He was very proud. You can talk to him like an uncle, a relative,” he clarified.

As for what’s next, Ruiz Jr welcomes a chance to be the undisputed champion of the world, but knows there is unfinished business with Anthony Joshua.

“First I must do the rematch (against Joshua). Wilder is a good fighter, he hits hard. But step by step. One fight after another,” Ruiz said.


Report: Boxing Scene

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