Run It Back: Harrison Reflects On Her PFL Championship Win

The mind of a fighter is an interesting thing, especially when they are the ones viewing their old fights. Seeing how it sparks an interest, the Professional Fighters League is looking to create some fascinating content as a result.

The PFL has debuted the “Run it Back” Series, which focuses on the fighters who won the PFL Finals and claimed a check of $1 million. It will be streaming live on the PFL’s social media pages Thursday’s at 8 p.m. ET. This week’s guest was 2019 PFL Lightweight Champion Kayla Harrison.

Harrison (7-0) looked back on her finals win inside MSG’s Hulu Theater over Larissa Pacheco with 2018 PFL Champion and announcer Sean O’Connell. This was one of the rare times she looks at her own fights after they happened. The only other time she will watch it?

“Usually just that night,” Harrison stated. “I know everyone’s always excited to go party, but as soon as the press conference is over, Mike and I go back to my hotel room and rewatch the fight right away. While it is fresh, he can say, ‘Ok, this is where you did this, here is where you did that, you probably should have done this, this looked really good.’ Once I watch it with him, that’s pretty much it.”

Harrison ended up dominating Pacheco for the second time in the tournament. She landed over 107 ground strikes and dropped Pacheco on the floor a number of times. Harrison ended up controlling over 16 minutes on the ground. When it came to moves she appreciated from that night, Harrison included a Ouchi Gari takedown, a head kick which she was working on and a vicious double leg takedown in the fourth. She ended up winning via unanimous decision.

When it comes to future bouts, Harrison is interested in collecting more titles and more checks. She may have to wait with the PFL’s third season on hold due to he coronavirus. Following the third season, Harrison will look to do what she believes is right for her growth within the sport. For now, however, all she can do is reflect on how she got to where she is today.

“If you had told me at 16 years old I was going to win two Olympic gold medals, be the first to ever do it for my country, I was going to decide to do MMA, I was going to go fight for this organization who gives their fighters $1 million, I was going to win the title and I was going to have Mike Tyson put the belt around me? If you had told me at 16 this was my life I would have laughed at you. Look at this!”

Future “Run it Back” episodes will include Ray Cooper III (4/9), O’Connell (4/16), Emiliano Sordi (4/23), David Michaud (4/30), Natan Schulte (5/7) and Lance Palmer (5/14).

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