Rushton Implores Ref To Let Horn Fight His Style

Jeff Horn and his team are in the midst of a public campaign to ensure referee Robert Byrd to allow the WBO welterweight champion to fight his physical style against Terence Crawford.

Horn’s style is considered by trainer Glenn Rushton, as an important tool to beat Crawford on June 9th in Horn’s first fight in the United States.

“I will certainly talk to the referee beforehand,” Rushton said, “and just say, ‘By the way, Jeff doesn’t lead with his head … he leads with his legs and the head just happens to be attached to his body, so it naturally comes with you.’ Jeff never tries to head-butt. He’s a great competitor and he always sticks to the rules of boxing, and that’s what he will be doing again on the night.”

Rushton insists,  despite issues with Horn’s win over Manny Pacquiao’s win

“There will be no dirty tactics from us,” Rushton said.

“It’ll be a hard fight, an aggressive fight. Yes, when you’re in close your heads are naturally close, but there’s no intentional fouls and there will be none committed by Jeff. I will be asking the referee, Robert Byrd, just let the fight flow, please, and let’s not have unnecessary stoppages just because they’re in close.”

Original Story: Brisbane Times

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