Russian MMA Fighter Loses, Gets Slapped by Mom

One would think that having your mother in your corner for a fight could be comforting, but that was not the case for Viktor Kichigan. The youngest of three Kichigan brothers, Viktor lost his fight at Fight Nights Global 67 card in Yekaterinburg, Russia and had to face the wrath of his mother afterwards.

All three Kichigan brothers train in mixed-martial-arts, and all three are trained by their mother Anna Azovskaya. Given her reaction to Viktor’s TKO loss to Ruslan Yamanbae, she is not the most mild-mannered of coaches even when dealing with her own sons.

After entering the cage, Azovskaya appeared to be tending to her son’s wounds. Instead, Kichigan received a slap in the face from his mom in front of the Russian crowd.

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