Ryan Garcia And Gervonta Davis Rivalry Intensifies On Social Media

The war of words between Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Ryan Garcia heated up after Davis suggested that boxers were using mental health as a way to avoid undesirable commitments.

This topic arose after Adrian Broner’s recent withdrawal from a fight against Oscar Figueroa, in which Broner cited his mental health not being in the right state as the reason he could not fight.

“Boxers gotta stop using “Mental health” s—to get out of stuff..yo a– just a b—-,” Davis tweeted to this 440,500 followers.

The 24-year-old Garcia has long been an advocate for fighters openly discussing and taking their mental health seriously.

“Tank, we can go back and forth about what happens in the ring all day, but taking a shot at someone’s mental health is outta line,” he replied.

“I hope that you deleting your tweet is part of your journey to support your fellow boxers working on their mental health.

“Being honest about mental health is strength. Educate yourself and don’t bring that hate to our beautiful sport. Now go tell your team to make our fight so you can see feel the power of the TRUTH”.

Davis then replied:

“We just built different, we come from two different places..and I want to show it..you kno how I’ll fight my mental health..by putting the pain on you!”

The two fighters have 50 professional victories between them. Both are undefeated and have been circling each other for some time.

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