Ryan Garcia Denies Using PEDs, Tells Jake Paul He’d Quit Boxing

Ryan Garcia denied taking PEDs, telling Jake Paul he would quit boxing if he did so. 

Garcia and Paul have a close relationship. King Ry first introduced Paul to boxing as The Problem Child would visit Garcia’s home in Victorville. Their careers are at different stages. Paul is set to face Mike Tyson on July 20 in a mega event on Netflix. Meanwhile, Garcia’s best win over Devin Haney could be in jeopardy.

Ryan tested positive for Ostarine, a banned substance known for improving stamina, muscle and burning fat. There is also the possibility of 19-norandrosterone, an anabolic steroid in Garcia’s system. However, further testing is needed to confirm it. Garcia denies any wrongdoing, as he is testing his B-sample. A guilty verdict could see Garcia banned, and the win declared a no-contest. Garcia was adamant he had done nothing wrong. 

“Ryan, if you did do it, then that’s really f**ked up. I’m going to be pissed off at you as a friend, that’s f***ed up,” Paul

“If I did it, which I know damn well I didn’t, I would quit boxing. I didn’t do it. That’s crazy. At the end of the day, I know I didn’t. God is watching me at all times. I’m not going to do something to cheat people. I could have hurt him. I could have killed him. Why the f**k would I do that? It’s so stupid, I’m not going to do it. Deada**, I would never cheat,” Garcia said 


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