Ryan Garcia Hits Back At Bernard Hopkins For Calling Him A ‘Whining Boy’

Ryan Garcia has hit out at Bernard Hopkins after the latter branded him a ‘whining boy.’ 

Hopkins’ comments were in response to the back-and-forth that Garcia had with Oscar De La Hoya.

Garcia and De La Hoya butted heads when the former was not happy over his promoter’s failure to attend his post-fight presser with Gervonta Davis.

While De La Hoya justified it on the basis that he had received death threats, Hopkins was also absent.

Instead, the President of Golden Boy Promotions, Eric Gomez, was present. And yet, Garcia did not hold back on his contempt. 

“After the fight, nobody was there for me. My team just didn’t come to the press conference. Somebody betrayed me in camp. I was left with that. I had Tank’s team care about me more than my own team,” Garcia

But rather than see things from Garcia’s viewpoint, Hopkins demanded that he take responsibility for his loss. 

“The responsibility and ownership, that’s the man in October, and that’s the boy in Ryan. We’re talking about how you handle a situation of this magnitude as a man or as a whining boy, blaming everybody you can blame,” Hopkins 

In response, Garcia hit back with the following. 

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