Ryan Garcia-Javier Fortuna Press Conference Escalates After Hat Exchange

What started out friendly ended in a screaming match between Ryan Garcia and Javier Fortuna at Thursday’s press conference.

At one point, Garcia complimented Fortuna’s Chicago Bulls hat. Fortuna then handed it to him as a gift as Garcia exchanged it for his blue hat. And that’s all it took to flip the switch.

“This doesn’t guarantee that on Saturday night I am not going to knock your head off,” Fortuna said.

“We know what we are here to do, on Saturday I am gonna f—k you up too,” Garcia responded.

During the face-off, Garcia and Fortuna began exchanging words inaudibly. Garcia began to walk away as he continued talking, and Fortuna followed using hand gestures. Security stepped in to prevent anything from escalating.

Garcia and Fortuna meet in the main event on Saturday at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

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