Ryan Garcia Leaks Footage Showing Tank Davis Dominating Haney

Ryan Garcia has released some sparring footage demonstrating Gervonta Davis dominating Devin Haney.

In the pre-fight build-up for the Haney fight on April 20, Garcia revealed Floyd Mayweather showed him some sparring footage of Haney getting stopped by Tank. Garcia has now released it, showing them trading blows at the Mayweather Boxing Gym. The sparring took place under ‘dog house’ rules, meaning it continued until one fighter quit.

Adrien Broner previously said he jumped in the ring to prevent Davis from knocking out Haney.

Bill Haney has countered that narrative, claiming they walked away with some money, proving they won the sparring.


The footage shows Davis pressing the action, pinning Haney on the ropes, before letting fly with several punishing combinations. Haney, however, did not hit the canvas. The footage has drawn a response from Devin, who claimed the footage had been edited to show Davis in a better light.

Several of Haney’s competitor, including Shakur Stevenson, reacted to Haney’s ‘poor’ performance.

Bill Haney has responded to the clip, demanding that the full footage be released. Bill also claims Devin Haney dominated Floyd Mayweather in a sparring session, to deflect attention away from the current clip. Bill referenced Haney helping Mayweather prepare for the Conor McGregor fight in 2017 after which Mayweather retired from professional boxing.

“It was a one-sided situation. As I said, it was six rounds, and it was 6-0. Floyd Mayweather gave us the opportunity to share the ring, something that he hasn’t done with Gervonta. I got to live in the truth. I didn’t bring it up [Haney getting the better of Mayweather sparring] until he started showing sparring footage.

“Ryan says he saw the tape, but he wasn’t interested in seeing Dev stop him. Do you people really want to see it or are you playing? No mas. He quit in the dog house. That’s the only way you’re going to have sparring. Dog house rules. How you going to win some money if one don’t stop. Of course, we don’t have any judges. It’s the person that stops. Tank stopped himself. Nobody is going to go in there and stop Tank,” Bill Haney stated 


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